They renovated our local 7-11.  Look at those balloons on opening day!  Wow!  Crazy, right?  And the flowers!   Those big flower arrangements are par for the course in Japan when a business opens (or in this case reopens.)  I guess it is a way of saying, “Hey, look at us!”  I am not sure who purchases the flowers.  The business, I presume?





So we got our snackies. I usually buy at a regular supermarket since it is usually cheaper, but sometimes I shop at convenience stores.



More snackies  I like those Allfort on the bottom.  Yum.


We have snacks in the refrigerated section.  On FB, somebody posted about how the snacks like these are wonderful in convenience stores.  Yes, I guess they are.  Since I live here, I have stop noticing that sort of thing.  But I think these little cakes and parfaits are probably quite good.


It is really obvious that 7-11 is copying the donuts Mr. Donuts.  (Same style, cheaper price)  It makes no difference to me.  I’m on a diet.



Kyunshi!  きゅん死 !

This is a word that means “DEATH BY CUTENESS!!”

My husband said, “That word will not be on your test.”  He is such a pragmatist.

I don’t care.  I love it.

Death by cuteness!!!!!!!!  Death by cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!!!  kyunshi!!!!!!!  kyunshi!!!!!!!!!