The Book Hunting continues.

I found a new Book-Off.  And guess what I found there.  A book in both English and Japanese by esteemed author/illustrator Yoko Imoto!  (いもとようこ)Here is her website.  Click around and explore her world of books.  It’s interesting even if you don’t understand Japanese.


It is discoveries like these that make life exciting!  Yoko Imoto is super duper famous and beloved.  She is one of the authors that has their own little section at the public library.  She’s one of those authors whose books are regularly sold and put front and center on display in bookstores.  She is one of those authors who creates books that all Japanese people know.


In this book, which is called “Yorokobi no Hi” “A Day of Joy,” the animals are hibernating.

But they awake!  What has caused them to stir in the midst of winter?  Can you guess?

It’s the birth of little Baby Jesus!   Ahhh…!


Here are the other Book Off books by Yoko Imoto.  I didn’t buy them, though.   All cute and sweet and in her signature adorable style.