Goin’ on a walk in Sakata City


All by myself, feelin’ pretty


Are the leaves already changing?!  This photo was taken August 30, 2015.  It has been a very cool, rainy end of summer in Japan.  I’m really enjoying it.  Ready for autumn!


This sign is brand new.  It’s at the entrance of the nature walk area behind my inlaws’ farm.  The farm and the nature center are on high ground.


That’s a good thing because the ocean is nearby.  See where it says Port and Wharf?  Yeah, that means water!

Although, honestly, do people get up and move every time there is an earthquake?  I think more people are more aware now, post 3-11.  But quite often there are so many false alarms one feels one can’t be bothered, I think.  (I’m just guessing.)  And let’s not forget a lot of people in Japan are elderly, and couldn’t move easily even if they wanted to.