At Fukushima Station, this northbound bullet train disconnects to form two separate trains which travel in two different directions. Southbound trains connect at Fukushima Station and head to Tokyo.  If you are on this train, you will distinctly hear the “clicking” sound as the trains connect and disconnect.

After our trip to America, we went to Sakata City in Yamagata Prefecture, where the inlaws live on their farm.  We always take the bullet train.


The cat greets us.  “Where ya been?  Did ya bring me anything?  An American mouse?”


Okay, here’s the farm.  See that emptiyish spot?  There used to be a greenhouse there.  Here is the GREENHOUSE STORY.

My son and I lived on the farm with Baba and Jiji after the earthquake.  Far away from the nuclear power plant, it was not affected by radiation.  Anyway, there was a very cold winter.  The snow was piled high everywhere.  While I was watching my son, he climbed to the top of the snow pile next to the greenhouse, and onto the greenhouse….and the greenhouse collapsed under his weight!  I felt horrible, like a very bad mother.  I cried about it, and I am sure Jiji was angry, but he didn’t say anything and I think he has since forgiven us.


These flower photos are recent.  They were taken on August 29, 2015.



The farm is such a relaxing place to visit.  I feel lucky to have a home away from home!  However, we didn’t enjoy living there after the earthquake.  It is definitely not OUR home, if you know what I mean.  It is Baba and Jiji’s domain!