Ahh….summer memories? Where have they gone? Our son started back to school yesterday for his grinding study schedule. (Big Sigh!)


The city exercise center….


Besides gym equipment and an indoor track, they have an indoor pool….


and an outdoor pool.  Anybody can use the facilities, but residents of he city receive a heavy discount.


Just taking it easy!


The Texas sun was strong and hot every day of our visit.  When we got back to Japan, it felt so incredibly muggy and sweaty.  I really dislike summer weather in Japan.  Texas may be hot, but it is dryer than Japan.  (Although it has since cooled off–a lot!–in Japan!)


Shaved ice flavors!!!!!  I want a job thinking up clever new flavors.


To tip or not to tip?  When I left America in the nineties, they did not really have these “Tip Jars” at casual places like this.  Now I am alway torn between tipping and not tipping.


It seems that the coins are CONSTANTLY CHANGING THEIR DESIGN!!!!!!!  So bewildering.  Folks, sometimes change is not good.  Well, I prefer dollars over change.