I don’t have a lot of sightseeing posts because, well, we did not do a lot of sightseeing.  But here is one.


My niece, son, and I all went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens.


You can walk down into this on the stone steps.


However, my niece told me that when she was young, she visited and the day after she visited, a girl fell in and drowned.  She said that they have since built a net so it is safe now.


that’s me in the green shirt

Nevertheless I was not too keen on venturing down.


We moseyed on over to a large pool.


Reminds me of a Japanese onsen.  But no swimming or wading allowed!


So anyway, my niece and I both googled Deaths at Fort Worth Water Garden.

She found this link.

I found this link.

On that tragic day in 2004, four people died.  I guess each one saving the next.  The pump had switched on, pulling them down.  Extremely tragic and sad.

Also, in 1991 a light pole fell and killed two people there.