You may or may not remember that my mom was in a car accident a few months ago.  So most of the time she was bedridden, but could get around using a wheelchair.



These are her legs.  The black is for her knees–she had surgery on both knees.  The boot is for her foot, she broke her foot badly.

She was in really good spirits.  They told her at the rehab center that she was their best patient.  That is the way my mom is, very cheerful.

Now…a quick trip the Quicktrip!  (Quicktrip is a convenience store in America.)



Bacon Shake??!!!???  Oh, gosh, really gross.  I asked about it and there are pieces of bacon in it. Bleh.


Okay, inside the convenience store!  Convenience stores have expanded since the nineties when I lived in the United States.


Now they have SO MANY drink choices.  SO MANY.


Which drink?  Which cup? Which lid?  Which straw?   Too many choices.  Information Overload.