The Confederate flag has been at the center of controversy in America recently.  Some people like it, most people don’t.  But I guess the controversy is more over whether it should be displayed, and whether it should be sold.

Personally, I grew up with the image of the Confederate flag being a redneck thing.  Some guy with missing teeth might have it a sticker of the Confederate flag on the back of his beat-up pickup truck.  That was my image of it.   My family never flew or displayed it, or liked it.

So anyway, while in Texas I kept my eyes peeled for it.  Nobody had it displayed at all, as far as I could see.  That is not surprising since a lot of people don’t really like it.

The only glimpse I got of it was in this Simpsons episode where Homer purchases a gun.


And speaking of TV……You would think that upon arriving home in America, I would avidly watch a lot of TV.  I don’t.  First off, very few of the programs interest me.  Second, my parents’ TV are so damn hard to figure out!  You got the cable and the DVD player and the Roku……I am just not smart enough for the boob tube.


Some people in America nowadays don`t even have televisions anymore.  They just watch what they want on their computers.

Personally, I read a lot when I am in the United States.  I can read books there for free so that is like Yippee!!!!!!