In the next town over from my parents’ town, there is a Barnes and Noble.  It’s almost too much for me.  The selection is overwhelming for me.   To be honest, books are really heavy, so I have to be careful about what I buy so that I am able to carry it in my suitcase.  (I did not buy anything at all from Barnes and Noble.)



The above book caught my eye.  I try to post daily on this blog.  Not exactly inspiration and encouragement on this blog, though!  But living dangerously?  Yeah!!!!!


I wanted to see what Japanese learning materials they had.  It was….well, I can’t say disappointing because I do not live in America.  But yeah, basically if I lived there there would be nothing for me.  It is all very beginner level, nothing at all advanced or even intermediate.  Ironically, I think this is the one section that has better choices in Japan than in the United States.  At a good Japanese bookstore, I can find various levels of Japanese learning material.


The Game of Thrones is huge, of course.  I first heard about Game of Thrones from my niece on the Internet.  I have watching a few episodes, but have not gotten into it.  It is too violent and sexual to watch while my son is home, which means I don’t really get around to it.  I am too busy during the day to sit down and watch TV.


I saw the Brick Bible (made from Legos) on the internet long, long ago.  Well, they have the book, now!


This is Texas, so there is a good selection of Spanish books.  English is to Japan what Spanish is to the United States.


I can not remember why I took this photo, except that I am an American girl?


Like I said, it was really overwhelming for me.  So bright.  So big.  So many choices.  Remember the nineties when these huge bookstores were THE THING?  Borders and Barnes and Nobles, that was were it was at.  They do not really have these style of bookstores in Japan, with comfy chairs and a coffee shop and party games.  The largest Japanese bookstores seem more toned down, I think.  (Like pretty much everything in Japan compared to the U.S.)