America has lots of different flavors of ice cream!


And the size are bigger than in Japan, too.


Even though we are in Texas, there is no Blue Bell ice cream being sold.  That brand got pulled off the shelves this year for safety reasons.


Hmmmm…..which shall I try?


But I am on a diet!

Looking at the ice cream in America is so fun, but I try to avoid eating it.  It’s hard to stay on a diet in America.

In Japan, so many women are stick thin, but in America it is just the opposite.  In fact, I can’t help but notice the number of positively obese women here in America.  I told my cousin, and he said he did not notice it.  I guess he is just used to it.  He told me that obesity is now considered a disease in America.

On the plus side, 😉 it is much easier to find cute clothes in big sizes.  In Japan, it is really hard, if not impossible.  I have got a lot of clothes in my suitcases, just because I never buy them in Japan.  And bras, too!