I am going to take a break from my materialistic posts and bring attention to a current crisis:  the devastation in Saipan.  It was brought to my attention by the wonderful and wise Connie in her blog Joyful Solitude.  You can read about it here.

We were without water after the Tohoku earthquake.  It was bad, but it only lasted about two weeks.  (I don’t know exactly how long because I departed with my son to Yamagata Prefecture, where there was running water.)  I feel very fortunate because we had it so incredibly easy compared to other people in the same earthquake, to people in other disasters around the world and now to the people of Saipan.   They are in a bad situation there right now, and it won’t be fixed any time soon.

When we had our disaster, we were thrust into the international spotlight.  This was a little disconcerting for me—nothing ever happens to me, nothing ever happens to Tohoku—it was quite a shock to be suddenly world famous.  However, this international attention was good in that it brought donations, positive thought and prayers to us.  We felt the world was rooting for us.

But has there been attention to the crisis in Saipan?  None at all.  They are not getting the love and donations they deserve.  I am staying in my parents’ house now, and they mostly watch Fox News, which has not mentioned the crisis in Saipan.  Come on, people, Saipan is just as important as Planned Parenthood and the Republican nominees.

Connie’s plea is to share the news of the tragedy, and that is what I am trying to do.  I think my blog gets a little materialistic sometimes, and it is important to remember that not everybody in the world is blessed with running water, electricit y, and transportation.


Update:  I said to my dad, “There was a hurricane in Saipan.  Is it in the news?”

He said,  “It wasn’t a hurricane, it was a typhoon.  I read about it in this morning’s newspaper.”

I checked the newspaper, and there was an article about a typhoon which hit China and killed twenty-two people.  So I think he was thinking about that, not the one in Saipan.