Of all the cities in Japan, Narita is where I would like to live most. The reason is solely because it is home to the New Tokyo International Airport.

If you live in Narita, America is just a short airplane ride away.

If you live in Narita, and arrive at the airport and realized that you forgot your passport, or your medications that keep you sane, or your stupid Ipad cord or whatever, you can just run home and get it.

Plus, Narita airport is just a fun place to go. You can take your toddler there, go out to the viewing deck and watch aircraft take off. How cool is that?

Okay, so here are some more photos from Terminal 2.


Instant Japanese…now that is an oxymoron.


Fun picture books about Japan!


Japanese and foreign magazines.  You can only get American magazines at certain stores in Japan, and they are really expensive.


Pokémon!   Monsters in your Pocket


Magnet Sushis.  They were about 600 yen each.  Before security they had tax added on them, but I saw the same sushi magnet after security and they were tax-free.


These are fake “randoseru”  (backpacks that Japanese elementary  school students must carry).  Yeah, they are too cool to be wasted on kiddos, right?  These in the photo are cheaper than the vast majority of real randoseru.  These are some sort of fake leather, but real ones are made with real leather.  The same randoseru is used for the full six years, so they are built to be tough.

And remember the word “randoseru” because it may appear on your Japanese test.  It popped up on mine several years ago, and I was like RANDOSERU–WHAT THE &#* IS THAT?