I try to buy most the gifts for American people while in Fukushima City. This is for several reasons. First, I want to support Fukushima’s economy. Second, the goodies in Fukushima are geared to the Japanese market….not to foreigners. So I know it is authentic. Third, I can generally get it cheaper there. If I find something at a discount, I can swipe it up!

However, I like shopping at Narita airport. They really have a great selection of Japanese goodies, and the prices are really not too bad. The goodies tend to be more often for the international market…which sometimes can be a good thing. A kitschy geisha thingamabob? Yes!

Okay, here are some photos I snapped while browsing around
Terminal Two.


Cute erasers.  What a fun omiyage for little girls.  I didn’t buy any though they looked tantalizing.  The reason is because last year my husband gave me HUGE bags of cute erasers to give as presents to the kids I know.

Kokeshi.  Being from Tohoku, I tend to snub my nose at these nontraditional kokeshi.  Real kokeshi come from Tohoku!!!!!!!



Lucky cats.  I had already bought one for my aunt and her collection.


They had a whole bunch of funky stickers.  Look at the sticker in the middle.  What is your Fright No?


This is Japan.  Gotta have the Kitty.


Japanese yummies for the tummy.  This is the same sort of stuff I can find at my local supermarket, so of course I had already bought it there cheaper.


I can’t get these funky Kitkats in Fukushima.  However, I have bought them in the past for my family, and I hate to say they are sort of sick of them.  They want the regular brown chocolate.


Okay, I will post more pics later!  Stay tuned!  Don’t turn that dial!