Okay, well, I am writing this in the United States now, specifically from my parents’ house. I baby sat a girl today who was about eight. She played with my son, which was nice. I asked if she had any questions about Japan, and her only question was, “Is it true Japanese schools have swimming pools?”

Yes, it is true! They pretty much all do! However, the pools are for P.E. class, therefore learning to swimming. Not for fun! Plus it is during the summer months when American kids are already out anyway.

Well, I have got some photos to show. We took a bullet train from Fukushima City to Tokyo, Ueno Station. There we changed to the Keisei Ueno Station because its train to Narita Airport is cheaper. (Keisei is its own little train company. I know–it is confusing!)

While we were in Tokyo, my son wanted to stop in Yodabashi Camera, a store which sells electronic goods. He wanted to see the video games. So we did that. That’s where today’s photos are from.


This new Animal Crossing game came out on July 30, 2015.


Retro.  My son loves retro video games and video game consoles, especially Nintendo.

My son has had a hard time adjusting to the sleep change, so for the first time ever I have been giving him Melatonin.  It’s really hard to deal with jet lag.  I often think the jet lag is harder than the flying.