I’m popping in here because I keep seeing  THE FLOWERS everyhere.  I just clicked on yahoo and it tells me about Fukushima’s flowers.


This was discussed on the Fukushima Jet board, and one sharp eyed person said, “That photo was not taken in Fukushima Pefecture.  It’s from Tochigi Pefecture.”

I looked more closely, and this is correct…the photo from Tochigi.  So……to claim that these are “FUKUSHIMA’S” mutant daisies is inherently false.    They are from Tochigi.

Second it was said that this sort of thing happens in nature and is called “fasciation.”  So it may have nothing to do with the power plant.

You are probably thinking:  “Oh, you drank the kool-aid.  You believe everything the goverment tells you and the nuclear power plant tells.  Gah.  You’re so gullible.”


I don’t believe everything I am told.  But you gotta look at facts, and these flowers are from Tochigi Prefecture.  Plus, I live here and can see for myself the normal flowers.

Do I let my child play in Fukushima’s dirt?  No.  That’s where the radiation is concentrated.  Do I want to eat a fish that came from the area near the power plant?  No.  Do I believe a sensationalist news articles without examining it more in depth?  No, I don’t.

“Visit Sunny Chernobyl” likened a radiation disaster to a crazy man on the street yelling at himself.  Nobody wants ANYWHERE NEAR IT.  But some of us don’t have that choice.  So if we don’t have the choice, we can’t just say, “Oh, those poor Fukushima people.  They got fucked up flowers.  They’re fucked.  Wouldn’t want to be them.  Oh, look, hey!  Awkward Family Photos!  I’ll think I’ll click on that.  Awesome.”