I have been bringing you the seasonal traditional snacks, and this is the snack of summer!  Mizu Yokan.  You chill it in the fridge before eating it.


Red Sweet bean on left, Maccha on right.


It was sort of like red sweet bean jello.  Not too sweet at all.


I liked it….but love it?  No.  I never really love (most) traditional Japanese snacks.  I think it may depend on what you grew up with.   If a certain sort of snack brings back memories of grandma, then that’s the snack you will adore.

I will say that yokan is a snack I often purchase for elderly folks in Japan because 1.) it is their soul food and 2.) it is soft and therefore easy to chew.

The following Mizu Yokan is from a totally different sweets shop.  It is still the seasonal snack of summer…..but every shop does it differently!


It’s that little dark snackie right there in the exact center.  It’s hiding……..But I’m gonna getcha, l’il snackie!


Gotcha!  Notice that it does look different in presentation from the mizu yokan in the first photos.  But its fate is the same:  My tummy!


Wow, Japan has lots of delicious snackies! Yum!