Our prefectural library has a large amount of 3/11 related books and magazines (and to a lesser extent our city library also has some 3/11 related material.)  Anyway, I found this book and thought I’d do a review because it is in both Japanese and English.

It talks about salmon.  When they first began their journey, it was before the earthquake.  And then when they finish their journey years later at the source of the river, the earthquake has occured and the area is a different place.

I personally did not especially care for this book.  It did not grab me.   I did not care for the writing style. I think the earthquake needs something different than a story told from a salmon’s point of view.

And what’s more….I read “Visit Sunny Chernobyl”.  From nature’s point of view, a nuclear tragedy actually helps nature to flourish because people leave and wildlife is left to reign.  Albeit, with three eyes each.  No, I won’t make jokes like that.  🙂

When we lived in Yamagata Prefecture, we saw firsthand what happens to salmon when they finish their journey! They get bonked on the head, thrown in a bin, and sold to China!

Now I want to talk about what it’s like being married to a man whose first language is not English.  He gets like 75% of the conversation and the other 25%, well, who knows where it goes.

This is our conversation:

Me:  At the juku where I work, the toilet is just a hole in the ground.  Just a hole!  Imagine that!

Him:  A hole?  Really, just a hole?

Me:  Well, it’s a squat toilet, but it just a big hole that goes down.  You don’t flush.

Him:  Oh, that’s the kind of toilets we used to have in Japan.

Me:  I keep thinking, what if my slipper falls in the toilet?  What’ll I do?  Should I tell somebody, “Hey, my slipper fell in the toilet!” Or just keep going and pretend I don’t know anything about it.

Him:  What?!!?  Your slipper fell in the toilet!??!

Me: ???????  No, it didn’t happen.  I just keep thinking WHAT IF?  Like if my cell phone drops in there, or my watch, my eyeglasses.  What do you think?  What should I do?

Him:  The washing machine repairman is coming this morning and you’ll have to stay home and wait for him.


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