I was walking along in Matsukawa Town, and I discovered a very old building.  It interests me because first, it is obviously old.  Second, there is a similar one near my house, and I saw another one near Saty shopping center.  What is it?


It’s the brown building in the distance.


I asked a farmer, and he said it was a storehouse.  I guess for grains?


He said he thought it dated back to the Taisho period, but wasn’t sure.  So about a hundred years ago.


I went to the Fukushima tourist agency and they couldn’t tell me much about it. It’s not on tourist maps or anything.  It’s just something you discover when wandering about!


Farmland and houses surround it.


Beautiful, isn’t it?  I can imagine little children playing around here, farmers working hard, 100 years ago.


This is the one near my house.  It’s roped off and not in use.  Obviously they want to preserve it because it hasn’t been torn down.