Matuskawa Town is a little town outside of Fukushima City, three train stops away.   My husband gave me this map:


He had clipped it out of the newspaper.  I planned to walk the entire course.  However, after I finished the first shrine, I realized the entire course was too long for me to walk comfortably, plus enjoy sightseeing.  So I decided to break it up over several days.  (I think the above map is more of a car driving map.)


I departed the small Matsukawa Train Station.  Hydrangeas were in full bloom!


They have a park famous for hydrangea, and there is a hydrangea festival there.  This park is not on the schedule today, though.


I spent time at the shrine across from the station.  The name of this shrine is Yasaka Jinja.  (Jinja means “shinto shrine”)


Very peaceful.  Very relaxing.


I enjoyed my little visit.  But we are not finished with Matsukawa!  There will be more tomorrow.