There is the little chapel that stood.    It’s a church near the towers that was left unharmed.

And here in Fukushima, we have the little church that stood.  The historic and very old church building collapsed, but the church community lives on and has completed the new building!  I posted about it before here.  So this is a continuation.

Here is the old church.  I think it dates from 1886.  Made of brick in the days before earthquake safety, it collapsed partially during the 3/11 quake.  It was on my son’s path to school, so I saw it as I rushed to his school to find out whether he was safe.


This is the new church building.  I took this photo last December.  It’s now 100% complete and in use!

This is a protestant demonination, so of course I am not a member.  However, one Sunday I noticed the doors were opened.  A woman was in the process of shutting down.  So I poked my head in and asked if I could take a few photos.


This is where services are held, but there is also a large lobby.  This room can be expanded into the lobby if necessary, such as in the case of weddings.  I asked the lady the religion’s name, and she told me  “Nihon no kyokai….”  I didn’t really catch it.  But I think basically it is Church of Japan.


This is in back of the new church.  These bricks are from the old church.  Also, to the right are gates from the old church.  Of course they want to keep their history.

I find it really a shame that the old historic church collapsed because it was so beautiful.  (Plus, it was designed by an American from Kansas!  When we first moved to Fukushima, my husband told me we would be living near a famous church building.)  It seems these earthquakes (in regard to property damage) take the old beloved structures primarily.  I went to Kobe a year after their earthquake in the nineties.  I was using an old map, and trying to get to the old buildings.  But none of them were there!

On the positive side, it’s fortunate the earthquake happened on a weekday and nobody was inside the church.  Thank goodness it didn’t happen on Sunday morning!

And also positive, their church community seems to be thriving.  So good for them.  I can’t join their church, but I guess I can offer support.  They have a loan for the new building so if anybody wants to donate:


Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima City

Miyashita Cho 1-6

Tel:  024-534-4188

This is their homepage: