Yay!  It is Tanabata!  The night when star crossed lovers meet!

Here is little clicking game.   You find the objects and win the game I guess.  I got bored before the end of the game but it was fun for about a minute or two.   http://www.chinjuh.mydns.jp/flash/tanabata.html

I went to the library for a Tanabata book.  This one shows what kids do on Tanabata.  It is called “Tanabata Matsuri”  (Tanabata Festival)


Brother and sister.  Pretty Pretty.


People are supposed to write their wishes on paper, and hang them from bamboo branches.  The text of the book says this boy can’t write, so he drew his sister’s face instead.


I love Tanabata decorations!  It feels a bit like Christmas in July!


It’s interesting to read people’s wishes.  They generally range from a new video game to peace on earth or family’s health.   Anything at all is acceptable.

I tried to get my son to write his Tanabata wish and he wouldn’t do it.  He said that he is not going to get what he wants, so why bother.  He has been asking for Wifi for months now!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my son, but sometimes feel he is so spoiled.  He can wish for something other than Wifi.   What about “I wish that all wars will end.” or “I wish for Grandma to recover.”  or “I wish the butter shortage would end.”  or ” I wish my mom would find an extra 1 man yen at the bottom of her purse.”  😉


The monthly poster from Fukushima City’s Comu Comu

Happy Tanabata!

Update:  My husband hooked up wifi on Sunday and we now have it.  My son is over the moon with happiness.  I am going to make him ask for something selfless for Tanabata.