If you don’t live in Japan, during my post yesterday you were probably wondering what is up with the man and the van?  What other kinds of radicals are there?

(Although, if you live in Japan, you knew exactly what I was referring to!)

Let me explain.  It is common for politically oriented people to drive trucks with loudspeakers blaring out how THEY WILL CHANGE JAPAN FOR THE BETTER and annoy the heck out of everyone within hearing distance.

Sometimes the vans are scary and black and driven by thugs who want nothing better than to chase out every foreigner in the country.  Sometimes the vans are driven by people who dislike North Korea and their missiles.  Sometimes now after the earthquake here in Fukushima, they are driven by people who dislike nuclear power plants.  And on and on.  You get the picture.  These vans are especially common in the weeks before an election.


What’s this van for?


Communism!  That’s what they told me anyway.  Those Communists were very nice!

The sign itself says, “Akahata”  (Red Flag)  That is the name of the Communist newspaper.

Anyway, those are the OTHER radicals in Japan!

Update:  I took the JLPT N2 yesterday.  Yay me.

Anyway, while we were taking the listening section of the test, AN ELECTION VAN WITH LOUDSPEAKERS DROVE BY BLARING OUT WHO WE SHOULD VOTE FOR!  During the listening section.  OMG.

However.  Luckily, it was during the “sample question” part that they have at the beginning of each section.  So it didn’t really disturb us.  It was just funny.   And annoying.  How about outlawing those doo doo heads?

In other news, I was sitting next to a Chinese girl.  Anyway, they were prepping us and told us, “Put away your ID card.”  However, the girl next to me did not put hers away.  I looked around and I was correct–everyone had put theirs away.  So I whispered to her “Shimatte!  Shimatte!”  (Put it away!) and pointed at it.  She still did not understand.  Then the proctor came over and gave me a warning for talking!!   OMG again!!!!  LOL  So then I explained to the proctor that I was just trying to get the girl to put away her ID card.  And the proctor understood immediately and forgave me.

I will get the results in October.  I’m not holding my breath.