My son and I rode our bicycles to Saty Shopping Center.  It takes approximately thirty minutes, I guess.  But it was a very pleasant ride–the sidewalks are very bicycle friendly, and the weather was perfect.

I don’t drive in Japan.  When I first arrived here, I was on the JET program, and the city I was with didn’t allow their JET teachers to drive.  (Too dangerous.)  So I just never got into the habit.

It has its plusses and minusses.  We live in downtown Fukushima City, so its easy for me to get around–by bike, on foot, by train.  Albeit constrained by the limitations of bikes, feet and train.  I feel like I rarely go out of my little “circle.”   I’d like to explore more.

But I can think of two huge benefits.  One is that biking is free.  I don’t spend money on gas.  Another benefit is that it forces me and my son to move.  For example, we wanted to go to Saty and hubby was working that day, so we got on our bikes and moved our bodies.  I think this is great for my son, to experience getting around as nature intended, with his own legs.

What’s weird though, is that even though if I want to get from point A to point B, I have to exercise to do it–yet I still still have problems with my weight!  I have learned that exercise doesn’t really do much to combat calories.  You have to walk a lot to work off one cookie.  But nevertheless, exercise still has great health benefits.  So that (sometimes) makes me glad I don’t have a car.

Oh, and when we got to Saty, look at I what I found.  Of course, I had to take photos.




I’m sorry to inflict these photos on you.  These mannequins are just plain scary!  (So that definitely means:  Watch out for them in future posts.  When you least expect it………they’ll be coming for you!)