My son has a present!  My son has a present!  The anticipation is KILLING me!


Let’s see what is inside!


Oh my goodness!  It’s a “GeGeGe no Kitaro” comic book by Shigeru Mizuki!  Just what I wanted–I mean just what HE wanted!

When I first came to Japan, and all the years since then, I would occasionally see this little odd boy whose hair always covered one eye, yet had an eyeball on his shoulder–on candy packaging, books, whatever.  Not terribly often, but sometimes.  I didn’t know anything about him, but was found this little odd boy slightly mesmerizing.


Here are GeGeGe no Kitaro books from our library.  Maybe for a kid about seven or eight, I suppose?


Created in 1960, according to Wikipedia, the original title of the manga was “Hakaba no Kitaro” (Kitaro of the Graveyard).  Kitaro is a yokai boy (yokai is the term in Japan for a ghostly being.)  Plus you can see his father on his shoulder–his father takes the form of an eyeball.

I have to admit I am a little disappointed in the comic.  The reason is that the furigana is way, way, way too small for me to read, so I gave up reading it.  I know they have a larger version, but it was sold out.  Silly me forgot to consider whether the print was too small.  Shoot.

What’s more, when I first came to Japan, I bought a CD of children’s TV theme songs, and listened to it over and over.  What a wonderful investment in my time, I think now.  I learned ALL the classics–Rascal, Ultraman, GeGeGe no Kitaro, and so on.  It was a good deal for somebody living in Japan.

Anyway, like the comic illustrations, the theme song was also mesmerizing.  “Ge!  Ge!  GeGeGe no Geeeeee!”  It’s really easy to learn, so all you learners of Japanese, let’s study it together!

Ge Ge GeGeGe no Ge!                       Ge Ge GeGeGe no Ge!

Asa wa nedoko                                    Morning in bed

de gu gu gu                                           Snore Snore Snore

Tanoshii na Tanoshii na                    What fun!  What fun!

Obake nya Gakkou mo                       Ghost School

Shiken mo nani mo nai                      There are no tests

Ge Ge GeGeGe no Ge!                         Ge Ge GeGeGe no Ge!

Minna de utaou ge ge ge no ge          Let’s all sing ge ge ge no go

Ge Ge GeGeGe no Ge!                         Ge Ge GeGeGe no Ge!

Yoru wa hakaba de undoukai        Sports Day in the graveyard at night

Tanoshii na Tanoshii na                     What fun!  What fun!

Obake wa shinanai~~                          Ghosts don’t die.

Byouki mo nani mo nai                        Never any illnesses.

Ge Ge GeGeGe no Ge!                           Ge Ge GeGeGe no Ge!

Minna de utaou ge ge ge no ge            Let’s all sing!  ge ge ge no ge

Minna de utaou ge ge ge no ge            Let’s all sing!  ge ge ge no ge

I think one of my reasons for renewing my interest in Kitaro is that Yokai Watch has taken off BIG in Japan.  I went to Toys R Us to buy Pokemon stuff for a child overseas who is interested in Pokemon.  Well, Yokai Watch has almost completely usurped Pokemon.  But let’s face it, before there was cutesy Yokai Watch there was other famous yokai……like Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro!

Okay, Japanese learners, Japanese class is not over yet!  This is a episode that some wonderful person put up.  It’s from 1968, and it’s got English subtitles, and its marvelously creepy.


Stop the presses!  A Ge Ge Ge exhibit is coming to Fukushima City.  It will be at the Comu Comu building next to the train station, and is free!  I can’t wait.