I was tidying up and organizing stuff.  I came across these old worksheets from my son’s younger years.  Much younger years.  I am guessing around age three?

I think a problem that people with young children often have is that their little ones can’t write yet, but their moms (or dads) are all ready for them to start their ABC’s.  Well, if the little isn’t ready yet, then he (or she) just isn’t ready.

My son was NOT an early bloomer with handwriting, just the opposite.  We did lots of drawing work.  I would write “Bear” on a piece of paper and draw a bear in front of my son.  He would then scribble on it.  So we did lots of scribbling and coloring and drawing practice.  (Though my son never enjoyed coloring books.)

The pages from the above photo are from a workbook called “I am Special.”  It’s a neat book.  I don’t think they make it anymore, but here is a similar book by the same publisher.   We have this one, too, and it is quite nice.

English morning time with Mommy (or English Evening Time with Daddy) should be fun and not a huge stress for the child or the adult.  So if your child isn’t ready for writing yet, work on something else.  And to be perfectly honest—if your child IS ready for writing, but has atrocious handwriting, don’t sweat it.  My son has atrocious writing at home, beautiful writing at junior high.  I didn’t sweat it.  When necessary, he can write clearly.

I think when your child is young, there is so much to worry about.  But if you take it one step at a time, day by day, you’ll eventually get to where you want to go!


They have other books available with drawing and writing, plus you can easily make your own, or find worksheets online.

For worksheets:

http://www.kidzone.ws/ is part of DLTK.  (I ADORE DLTK.  It is truly a wonderful site. And 100% free.)

http://www.homemade-preschool.com/ for worksheets funsheets

http://genkienglish.net/imaginationworksheets.htm  These worksheets can help fuel your imagination.

If you want to buy a cool coloring book:  Scribbles

Boys’ Doodle Book

Anti coloring Book

Month by Month Writing Prompts

There are more books that are similar, so look around.  Plus they look easy to make at home if you don’t want to purchase one.  I know money can be tight- I know!  I know! -and the whole point is ImAgInAtIoN!  Right?!!?  So sometimes a blank sketch book is all you need for an English lesson of fun and joy and frolic.


scribble : Scribble Background

I call it “Girl With a Pearl Necklace

Gazing over One Shoulder

And if you do want to purchase ABC toys for your little, here is a great list from a fellow blogger.  Personally, I would not invest too much money, though, on ABC toys.  ABC’s are easy to learn, and kids outgrow the basics very quickly.  (I own the TREND Bingo game shown in the list and I have used it way way way more with my English classes for Japanese kids than with my own son.)