Star Wars is really experiencing a revival, and my son names it as his favorite movie.  He’s a real afficianado.

So of course we had to get the Origami Yoda book in English.  And Japanese!


It’s about a Yoda Origami finger puppet that doles out sage advice to sixth graders.  It’s extremely boy friendly!


I had to get the sequel.  In this book, the kids are in seventh grade.  That’s perfect because my son is also in the seventh grade.

We are too lazy to make origami finger puppets, but origami finger says, “Ask your father you must.”  and  “Today to library should go.”

Lots of fun!

When we have a winner like this, it gets read three times.  Three times!

One time by my son in English (to himself)

One time by my son in Japanese (to himself)

One time by me in English (out loud)

I think all this repetition is great for building vocabulary.  For my Japanese study, I need to repeat/review/repeat/review to learn the vocabulary well, so the same is true for my son’s English.