Yojijukugo.  I have posted about them before.  (Yojijukugo are set expressions that are made up of four kanji characters.)

I first discovered the term while searching on amazon for learning materials for my son.  Then later I see it in the Japan Times, and Japanese Pod 101 introduced a lesson about them.  So I have been seeing them everywhere.

And then I saw this Yojijukugo Karuta set at a bookstore.



Despite being on a money diet, I bought it.  Yeah, I am kind of getting karuta obsessed.  Somebody stop me.


This karuta set also has the English translation.  Cool!   The English print is tiny though, like they don’t actually expect anybody to actually read it.


“Ishindenshin”  Telepathy between people.  Heart to heart communication.  I can’t quite wrap my head around the meaning.  I think a lot of these terms don’t really have true English translations.

I am finding it VERY difficult to remember the yojijukugo.  I think I am not quite at their level yet.  I know some are more common than others, so it is pretty pointless for me to memorize the ones that are rarely used.  This karuta set says, “The yojijukugo often found on tests!” so hopefully these are the mega-popular ones.

It is so exciting when you see something on a karuta card and then see it in your textbook the next day.

DSCF5025 DSCF5061

Here is the amazon link to the above game.  It’s made by Nagaoka Educational Karuta Series.