In May of 2015, Dallas, Texas got its first Daiso store.  In Japan, Daiso is like a dollar store.  Almost everything costs 100 yen, but a few items cost more.  I noticed that the Dallas store had prices set at $1.50.

So I thought I would take a little photo tour of our Daiso.  It’s pretty large and has a lot in stock.  Most is fairly boring and normal–folders, dishtowels, baskets and so on.  So I didn’t take photos of the normal stuff.  Just the stuff that I thought might be only in Japan.



Entering our Daiso.  It stretches out to the back and to the right.   There are a lot of 100 yen shops in Japan, most smaller than this particular one.


Japanese style fans.  However, these are “Made in China.”  I often buy souvenirs for Americans at 100 yen shops, but I try to find stuff that is “Made in Japan.”


Stickers.  See Thomas the Tank Engine?  My son said the other day, “Why do little children like Thomas so much?”  I said, “YOU used to love him when you were little!”  I remember those days vividly!  I never wanted them to end.


The label on these stickers is “Made in Japan.”  A really nice thing about Daiso is it uses large English to label its merchandise quite frequently.  That often includes the labels for games and food and so forth.  I like this so that people in America know what they are getting if I give them a gift.


Various signs.  Wouldn’t that be fun to have one that said “No  Video Game Playing” or “No Picking Your Nose” or “Cussing Forbidden Here.”


Educational Signs for the Bath.   I know.  The Bath.  Weird.  Even I’m not that Tiger Mama.






Games….I bought the flag flashcards which I am using in my English class with elementary school students this week.  They’ve got the country written in both Japanese and English on the back.  I bought four packs of them for eight students for karuta.  (Update:  They loved the country flashcards!!!!!!!!!)


Traditional Karuta


Everything you need for your stag beetle except the stag beetle.


(On left) The rolled up bamboo screens are to place over windows in summer to keep the sun out.

(on right) fun signs


Enjoy Smoking Time!



Banks to save 500 yen coins.   My husband has one of these.  I never have a spare 500 yen coin to put in it.


Snackies ….Those are pickled plums to the right.  I don’t think you’ll find that in Dallas.  Also, chocolate filled oreos which are quite delish.


More snackies.

The tactic of these 100 yen stores is to get you to buy as much as possible and it all adds up.  So be careful upon entering a 100 yen shop!