Happy Father’s Day, everyone!  My husband is a truly wonderful dad.  He is the yin to my yang.  He works hard, but is also loving and really sweet.

I was flummoxed as to what to get him.  He is really hard to shop for.  Finally, I settled on some sort of alchol.



This is at our 7-11.  Our local 7-11 is getting renovated so last week they had an “Everything must go!” sale.  50% off!  Wowza!  The picture shows little sake juice boxes, with straws and everything.  Aren’t they darling?  However, I ended up getting the most expensive bottle of wine (50% off!) for my husband as an early Dad’s Day gift.


Now let’s move our local department store.


This is wine at our local department store.  I got it for Jiji.  The wine is from Fukushima, an area to the west.  I like getting the wine at the department store, because they will mail the wine to Jiji, who lives in another prefecture.  I have to pay shipping costs, and I have to pay for the box, but I find this so convenient.


Also from Fukushima, I got this sake for my husband.  Like his father, he likes a nice glass of wine or sake in the evening occasionally.

One question is frequently get from Japanese people is “Does your husband drink?”  Well, yeah.  He’s a grown man!  I’m always kind of suspicious of this odd question.  Like the person will then tell the next person, “That gaijin’s husband is a total alcoholic!”  I would never dream of asking this odd question to people.