My husband was walking around downtown over the weekend and he was handed this paper by an elementary school student.  Can you read it?

“Appeal of Fukushima!!  There are many great things about Fukushima”  And listed below are the many great things.

I said to my husband drily, “Why are they giving this to you?  You live in Fukushima.”  He said, “There are tourists who come here.”

Anyway, I know it’s not practical, but all those kids should pass these papers out in Tokyo and such places.  Consider this a virtual pass!

Do I love Fukushima?

Yes, now I can say I do.  We have been through a lot together.   Fukushima and I are like an old married couple.  For better or for worse.  For richer or for poorer.

It was an arranged marriage, however.

I did not CHOOSE to come to Fukushima.  My husband was transferred here in 2005.  I was sad to go, to a place where I didn’t know anybody.

People in Narita said to me, “You’ll love Fukushima!  It has fresh air!  Wonderful vegetables!  It’s a great place to raise a family!”

But I miss the internationalism of Narita.  There are no other western moms in Fukushima City.  And two western dads that I know.  (As acquaintances, not friends.)  So it gets lonely here.  Out in a place with fresh air, wonderful vegetables and a great place to raise a family

The appeal of Fukushima!  It really is a beautiful place.  With lots of akabeko!

Every so often I peek out my window and see an akabeko grazing on the grass in my yard.  What an amazing sight!  I rush to get my camera, come back, only to find the akabeko gallopping off.  The majestic akabeko.