Little Golden Books.  If you are American, you know what I am talking about.

Back when I was a kid, you could find Little Golden Books at the grocery or TG&Y.  That was back in the day before there were SuperWalmarts and SuperTargets, so there weren’t as many choices for harried moms who wanted to pacify their little ones.

Little Golden Books were cheap.  You could grab one for hardly any money at all.  Heck, you could grab two or three and not break the bank.

They had so, so many topics.  Remember them all?  It was impossible to collect the entire set.

Okay, here are some types of Little Golden Books that I remember reading when I was a kid.  Forty years ago.

  I found this book totally fascinating!  Sesame street was at its peak in the seventies.

  Little Golden Books is always making these Disney themed books.  Usually crappily written, but you loved the movie so you just gotta buy it.

  Is this sweet, or what?  Aaaah!

  Okay, this is not from my youth.  Did they even have monster trucks back then.  I don’t think so!

  This book reminds me of the time my mom offered to pay my brother for each Little Golden Book he read.  So my brother and I walked to the Kmart to purchase as many Little Golden Books as he could afford.  He loved Marvel.  (Although they did not make Marvel Little Golden Books back then.  I said these books are all from my youth.  Well, I lied.)

  This is total seventies.

  I remember my mom buying me Little Richard Scarry books!  Ironic that Richard Scarry books are not at all scary!

  For only 59 cents, this is the kind of Little Golden Book I would have read when I was a kid!  I don’t think the Little Golden Books of today aim to such lofty heights such as “Heidi”.

   Remember Precious Moments?  They were big in the seventies.  And maybe the eighties, too.

  The Muppets were huge in the early eighties.

Here is the history of Little Golden Books.

This woman hates detests Little Golden Books.  To tell the truth, I can understand her feelings.  Little Golden Books are often not very well written.  (Especially the ones linked to commercial merchanding, like Disney.)  Some, however, are quite good.

Little Golden Books are definitely still around!  I was reading over this post and realized I made it sound like they were a thing of the past.  Definitely not.  But they were a part of my childhood, and I think a lot of people’s childhoods.


So if you’re American, do you remember Little Golden Books?  If you aren’t American, do you have something like them in your country?


My son is TWELVE and I STILL can NOT resist purchasing a Little Golden Book when I see it at the used bookstore (Book Off.) Gaahhhh……I’ll say it’s for my grandkids.