Merry Christmas!  What?  You say, it’s June?  Well, it’s Christmas in June at our house.

My parents gave me an gift card last Christmas.  I hadn’t used it, but my son wanted a video game book that I could only get from  (Not  So I went ahead and ordered the book, along with two games that I couldn’t get on


Here’s the loot.   I always personally enjoyed giving my brain a workout with Trivial Pursuit when I was a kid, so I ordered the Family Edition of that.  The other game I chose mostly because I liked the name:  Five Second Rule.


My favorite part of this game is the nifty timer!  With a nifty sound, you turn it over and balls drop down for five seconds.  (I guess. I didn’t time it.)  Okay, the cards?  Well, you get a topic and think of three things in that category.  Like “Animated TV shows”

Some of it I thought was just too hard for my son, heck even for me.  Perennial flowers?  I am no gardener!  But it was fun.  You can make the categories yourself.  But it’s kind of fun with the cards and less work.  Plus did I mention I like the timer?


Okay, trivial pursuit.  This was fun.  I found my questions hard and um…..Okay, I admit.  I sucked.

I was worried that the kids’ questions would be too America-centric for my son (since he doesn’t get the exposure that kids in America get.)  But they weren’t too bad.  Okay, yeah, he has no idea what “High School Musical” is, but he certainly does know what currency Japan uses!!!!

There you have have it!  Reviews of two games to help my son with English to have family fun in an entertaining way.