My son was using the word “stupid” (as in “this stupid remote control”, or whatever) and I felt he needed a vocabulary boost.  What other words could he use besides “stupid?”  Foolish?  Dumb?  Ignorant?  So, using a thesaurus, I made a poster with synonyms for “stupid”.  But then, after I was finished, I looked at it and realized it was really negative.  So I threw it away.

So then I made this poster:


If I am going to have a poster on the wall, I want its message to be positive!

What’s funny is that after I hung it up, my husband says, “What does adore mean? Admire? Cherish?”  I explained the words using a dictionary.  He consulted his own dictionary and said, “Adore” means to a god?  No, honey, you can use it for your family!

I didn’t realize he didn’t know such basic words!

UPDATE:  MY SON IS ON TO ME!!!!!!!  He realizes I am trying to improve his vocabulary and he doesn’t like it one bit.

This morning, he said, “I hate this.”

I responded, “Me, too!  I detest it!”

He turned and glared at me.  “You are always trying to use difficult words!  Nobody uses those words!  Normal people don’t use those words!  If I use those words, I won’t sound normal!”

Um………I didn’t really know what to say and muttered something about SAT’s.

Anyhoo……I did not want to break it to him that normal people DO talk that way.  It’s just that he lives in a bubble in Japan and doesn’t hear a variety of language.  Am I right, folks????????   Actually, I have not lived in America in a long time.  I wonder if normal people do use the word “detest” in conversation.

But then again, why be normal?