Back by popular demand because I want to.


Did Granddaddy ever go to Germany?  No, but he went to France.

Do you drink coffee?  No, I don’t drink coffee at all.  I tried it but I don’t like the taste.

Tell us about your first experience drinking coffee.  I was already married.  I tried it, but didn’t like it.  I tried adding sugar, but still didn’t like it.  I don’t like coffee flavored candy either.

Did you like church too when you were little?  Yes, I liked going to church.  Sometimes Aunt Mary and I would go to church on Saturday morning by ourselves.  And you know what?  When we grew up, Aunt Mary and I used to teach religious classes to kids we liked it so much.

Did you ever find it boring?  No.  I always liked church a lot.  I think it’s because my parents chose to become Catholic.

When you were little, were you famous because you were a triplet?  Locally.  Only when we were born.  (I argued with her about this because they got their photos in the paper, plus an article, everytime they passed a milestone.  She said she think her mom called the paper and told them.  Plus, their brother’s wife told me that they were famous locally.  So I just think Grandma is being modest.)

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do today?  I would start saying my prayers.  Then I would call everybody I love and say goodbye.

If one day was twenty-five hours long, what would you do with the extra hour?  I would read a really good book.

Are you a happy camper?  I’m always a happy camper!

If you had a time machine and could go to any time in the past or future, which time would you go to?  When I was young, I wanted to go to the days of the pioneers.  But now I just want to stay where I am.  This time is good.

Where would you like to go abroad?  (besides Japan)  I would like to go to the U.K.  I’m more interested in the U.K. than the rest of Europe.  I like the history and I can speak the language.


Questions for Granddaddy

Did you like church when you were little?  I don’t think I did.  I don’t remember that far back.  I always realized it was important.

What’s your favorite breakfast? Anything on the table. That’s not a very good answer. Some morning it’s bacon and eggs. Some mornings it’s Cheerios with a banana on top.

What’s Grandma’s best quality?  Her listening ability.  She listens to people and that’s why they like her.  It’s a quality I don’t have, a lot of people don’t have.

If you met Jesus today, what would you say to Him?  Let’s say he rang the doorbell of your house and there he is.  I do meet Jesus.  I meet him in Holy Communion.  And what do you say to him?  I thank him.

What’s your least favorite food?  Cauliflower.

If people destroy your church building, what are you going to do?  I’d flee the building and run like heck and hide.


Questions for Aunt Mary

Do you like coffee?  No, I wish I did.

When you were little, were you famous because you were a triplet?  No.  But we got things because we were poor and they knew we were triplets. (This is true.  They got quite a lot of free stuff from the community, including their college educations.)


Questions from Grandma for her grandson

1.  What do you think of coffee?  I think it is cool.

2.  What’s your favorite subject?  My favorite subject is Arts and Crafts.

3.  What’s your favorite breakfast?  Pancakes

Update:  Well, I started this post back in…May?  April?  Anyway, at the end of May, my mom was in quite a bad car accident.  She swerved to avoid a car at an  intersection and  ended up hitting a pole.  The police officer said that the traffic light signal was not working properly–that may be what caused the accident.

Anyway, she is currently in a rehabilitation center.  She messed up her foot, her knees, and various things like ribs.  Poor mom!  However, she is in very good spirits (like always.)  So anyway, I am praying that she will recover, and not suffer too much in the process!

I am a member of AFWJ woman’s group (women married to Japanese men.)  I lurk on their FB message board and one board member mentioned that patients are better taken care of if cookies are brought to their caretakers.

What a great idea!  So I went out and bought the following:


Plus, I then went to a different store and bought green tea Kit Kats and strawberry Kit Kats.  I know Americans love those Kit Kats.  I see it on the Internet!

So I sent the care package off to her caretakers as a way of saying “Thank you for taking care of my precious mom!”