We all know I love the snackies, and the snackies love me.

And I especially love cute, educational snackies.  Like these:


I spotted these cute educational senbei and knew I had to have them.  They are inexpensive and they taste like crap, but they have the prefectures on them and that’s all that matters.

Do you know the prefectures?  They are  (in same order as the photo)

Gifu Chiba Yamanashi Fukui Aomori
Okayama Mie Toyama Osaka Kagoshima

Why oh why do I succumb?


Resistance is Futile


Are books snackies for the mind?  Are books elegant feasts for the mind?  Are books ham and cheese sandwiches for the mind?

Yesterday I had Toshyo Volunteer.  Even though my son has graduated from elementary school, I offered to continue doing it with the elementary school.  It’s my way of contributing, plus it is fun!

I read a book in English to the fourth grade class.  I chose “This is not my Hat” by John Klassen.  I have posted about it before.  I find it interesting because the Japanese version of the book is in Kansai dialect!

Then we went to the library to choose books that students can read in their classrooms.  Some of the books that I chose:

“The Boy Who Lost His Face” by Louis Sachar.  Love this book.  Love the ending, especially. (The very last page)

“Little House in the Big Woods”  Gotta give them some Americana!

“In Grandma’s Attic” by Arletta Richardson

Percy Jackson (the first book) My son loves this series.  I am not as gung ho on it.  I think the writing is so-so.

“The Doll’s House” by Rumer Godden  I have never actually read this but I know it is a classic.

“The Illustrated Mum” by Jacqueline Wilson  I have never read this but I know the author is popular.  I hope it is not too YA for sixth graders.

“The Family Under the Bridge” by Natalie Savage I like this book about homelessness because it’s not too sad and intense.

“Frederick” by Leo Leonni  A classic.

“The Little Engine That Could”  Another Classic

“On a Summer Day” by Lois Lenski.  Summer, American style.

“Bored–Nothing to Do” by Peter Spier  I like the message this book sends.

Of course, all these books are in Japanese.  I also chose various other books but mostly Japanese non-fiction.

When choosing, I always think “Some child will read this and his/her life will be changed forever!”  LOL I wonder if that actually happens.  🙂