The folks at the Gari Gari Kun popsicle company are geniuses at marketing.  They are always coming out with fun, and sometimes unusual, flavors.  The flavors are always changing, so when you see a new Gari Gari Kun flavor you get excited and want to try it.

Do you know the following flavors?


Mango…..This is really delicious.


Milk Coffee….Have not tried it, but looks good.



Energy Drink….I did not buy this strange flavor!  Their strange flavors always taste awful (usually exactly like what it is supposed to be!) so I saved my money.


This blue Gari Gari Kun is Soda.

I usually write my posts in advance, so these photos are about a month old.  The flavors have already changed!  To totally new flavors! Pear and chocolate!  I’m not taking photos, though.  I’m not OBSESSED or anything.  LOL


Okay, not Gari Gari Kun….But there is Pino.  I remember Pino from when I first came to Japan.  Ahhhh…the memories.


Ice cream section at my local store.  The ice cream section in Japan is generally smaller than in America.  Plus quantities are MUCH smaller here.  You don’t find big tubs of ice cream here at a regular supermarket, usually.


My son likes the watermelon popsicles.  Under those are “Azuki” popsicles (Sweet Red Bean).  This was at 7/11.


I love to sit next to my son and read books together or watch TV together or play games.  Take walks and chat.

However, I must admit, sometimes I am not the least bit interested in what my son is interested in!  So yeah, hearing him go on and on about Mario Brothers……..I get bored.

Yet, at the same time, I think it is really important to listen to your child.  Stop what you are doing and LISTEN.  Turn away from that Ipad and make eye contact.   Be a gentle, loving parent.

I found a new app on my Ipad.  It’s called “Icontact”.  How you play this app is you put down the Ipad and look at people.