I’d like to thank Connie for nominating me!   I love her blog.  I think it is lovely, too!  I really admire how she came to Japan late in life and made a home here.   I don’t think that is easy to do.      http://connienaka.com/


I’d like to use this opportunity to tell about my past.  Probably there are people out there who are curious.

1.  I met my husband while in America.  We were both at my university.  (I was an unsuccessful student in law school, but his company sent him there to study at the pharmaceology department.)  He just happened to be Japanese.  I don’t particularly prefer Japan over other countries.

2. Therefore, I don’t consider myself a “Japanophile”.  I write a lot about Japan on this blog, but really that’s just because I live here.  One reason I enjoy keeping this blog is that it forces me to explore and research about Japan, something I used to never do.  There’s always more to learn about Japan.

3.  I came to Japan as a Jet teacher and lived by myself in a small town in Chiba Prefecture.  My husband and I dated and got married.  Then I lived in Narita City with him.  He got transferred to Fukushima City, and we moved here.  After the earthquake, my son and I lived with his parents in Yamagata Prefecture for two years.  We are now back in Fukushima City.

4.  I have had three blogs.  My first was when my son was little, and nobody read it.  My second was after the earthquake while I was at the grandparents’ house.  It was private, and nobody read it.   I ran out of space on Blogger and abandoned it. This is my third one.  You are reading it!  😉 But even if nobody read it, I would still write it.

5.  When my son was born, I freaked out.  Living in Japan, “teaching” English to my son.  It all seemed so unmanageable.  Everything is a lot better now twelve years later.

6.  When we arrived in Fukushima, I borrowed English books for adults from the prefectural library, city library and Foreigner’s Help Center and read just about every one of them, including those I didn’t have any interest in.  🙂  I am a voracious reader.  But then in 2010, my husband got me a kindle and now I primarily use that for reading books in English.

7.  I was in Fukushima City during the earthquake, along with my son and husband.   The worst part (for  me) was the nuclear stuff.  You never think nuclear meltdown will happen to you, and then there ya go.  Shit happens.

8.  This is number eight, but I think it is important and needs to be said.  Of course I am concerned about radiation, but I also look at the actual risks.   I am more at risk at getting ill from stress than from radiation.  I think this is something people forget.  Stress is a big killer.  So I’m trying to take it easy  🙂

The purpose of this award is for bloggers to nominate fellow, mostly newer, bloggers that they wish to recognize. The goal is to bring attention to blogs that we think are ‘lovely’ and enjoy reading. We hope others will enjoy reading these blogs also.

In order to accept the award the nominated blogger must:

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I’ve tried to contact other blogs that I like.  However, I have had a hard time getting responses from them.  So I would like to nominate:

http://adventuresofchibamom.blogspot.jp/  Her blog is just amazing.  Her oldest son is one year older than my son so I learn a lot from her.  Plus, her lifestyle is a wonderful mixture of East and West.

http://jackiesjapanjournal.blogspot.jp/  This is a woman I admire very much.  She is raising four kids on her own after the death of her husband.  Amazing.

http://www.jojoebi-designs.com/  She is an enterprising entrepreneur with a positive attitude.  Really creative blog.  Plus her hair is a cool color!

http://babybilingual.blogspot.jp/ She is in the U.S. and speaks French (non-native) with her two kids.   Her blog is a fountain of information for language learning and encouraging thoughts.



If any of these bloggers want to nominate others for the award, please do!

Like I said, I am a voracious reader, so I enjoy reading blogs.  It’s so nice that we women in Japan have a way to support each other even though the physical distances between us are far.  I know I learned a lot from blogs (especially Chiba Mom’s blog), so I started this blog as a way to repay the kindness and hopefully people with younger children can learn a bit.  If you have a baby and it’s tough for you–things do get better!  🙂