Jackpot!  A very generous person was giving away free karuta cards and books–and I got them!  Yay!


Really excited about these books.  Great Brain!  I adored this series when I was young!  I don’t think it is popular anymore.  I have no idea why not.  It’s one of the best!

Also, karuta cards.  Recently I have been interested in karuta cards.  There are just so many interesting ones at the bookshops.  Lots of different themes and character.  They generally cost about ten U.S. dollars (1,00o yen, give or take a few yen) and I just don’t really have it in the budget to buy them.  I don’t use them with my son.  We do English at home.  However, I would love English karuta cards.  (I know they would be popular in the U.S.  There are a lot of “Education” moms out there.)

If you live in Japan, you already know about karuta.  So you can ignore me here on out!

If you don’t live in Japan, let me explain.  Karuta is a traditional card game, quite old, I believe.  One card has a clue and the other card has  a corresponding picture.  A person reads the clue and the players try to find the matching picture card.  Simple!




Some Japanese card games I got for free


Not all are karuta…this one is just regular cards, like flashcards.  The theme is “The Bible”


This is a traditional karuta game.  (Only a small fraction of the cards are shown.)  The theme is “Japanese Fairy Tales.”  As you can see, one card has the hint and one has the corresponding picture.

In this computer and television age, I don’t really think karuta is played a whole lot anymore.  But it is a great educational game!

Tofugu has awesome info about karuta hereNobody Hardly anyone ever clicks on my links, so I am just saying that it is totally awesome and if you don’t click on it you are missing the most exciting karuta information ever! (Editting “Nobody” because they do occasionally get clicked.  Not that often, though!)

(Did I make you click?)


http://kids.nifty.com/cs/game/detail/91125000003/1.htm This is a traditional karuta you can play on the internet, but it won’t make sense to you if you don’t know Japanese.



http://hoonyan.web.fc2.com/season4.html This has an English karuta game that I think you can print out scroll down)