Yes!  It’s time for the Cookie CHALLENGE!

In this corner, Black Thunder.  He’s one tough cookie and the favorite of the crowd.

And in that corner, it’s the challenger Oreo Chocolate Bar.  He’s untested and raw.  Can he hold up against the brutal strength of Black Thunder?

Let’s start the match!  Ding!


The sign in the middle says: Shoplifting! Crime Shoplifting: Don’t do it. Don’t let it be done. Don’t forgive it.

Black Thunder packs a whallop with brute cookie strength.  But Oreo Cookie Bar is a scrappy little guy and keeps up a fierce battle.  Oooh!  That must have hurt!  And Black Thunder is down!  It’s Oreo Cookie Bar for the win!



In a blind taste test, my son and I both chose Oreo Cookie Bar over Black Thunder.   Horrors.

As you can see, the Oreo Cookie Bar has a higher ratio of chocolate to cookie.  It’s longer, too, and a little more expensive, I believe.

Oreo Cookie Bar says he would like to thank everyone who believed in him!

Black Thunder says, “I want my mommy!”