Down the street from my house, about a five minute bicycle ride away, there is temporary housing for evacuees who had been living near the power plant but were forced to leave.  This is the housing:


Each apartment was the size of a very small apartment.  Considering that all these people come from the countryside where houses are generally quite large, it must be horrible for them to now live in tiny Tokyo-sized rabbit hutch apartment.    Plus, the location is pretty crappy, IMO.  It’s right next to a busy road.

I walked around and spotted a older woman who was cleaning her apartment.  I asked her where she was from.  She was very cheerful and said that she was from Namie Town.  (A small town near the power plant.)  She asked me where I was from.  She was a novelty to me, and I was a novelty to her.

I didn’t pry.  I think the evacuees deserve their privacy, don’t you think?


Would you like to move from your current location and live here?