What can I say about Shinjo City, nestled among the mountains of Yamagata Prefecture?  We transfer trains there when travelling to Baba’s and Jiji’s so we see a lot of its train station.  I step out occasionally, but the city always seem dead.  Hardly a city.

For tourists, I think the city is kind of a stopping point for people heading into the mountains.  Since we are always going to and from the grandparents’ house on the coast of the Japan Sea, we never head into the mountainous area of Yamagata.


Strolling down the (dead) street


See, there just nothing going on.  This is the countryside of Japan.


I found an ice cream/tea shop which was open.  Hello, Kitty!  Thank you for welcoming me in.


I bought the one on the far right for my aunt who loves these lucky kitties.


“My, what a long nose you have!” “The better to smell you with, My Dear!”


Now we’re talkin’!  Tengu is the symbol of Shinjo.   Tengu are mountain spirits in Japan.

Tengus are cool.  ‘Nuff said.