I saw this really cute stuff at a book shop.  I wanted to buy it all.  Lots of cherished books here.



Handkerchiefs with characters from picture books.


The author of the book with the teddy bear passed away recently.


These books are nostalgic for me, too.  They are at our libraries in English and I used to check them out for my son.  He’s way too big now for them, but they bring back treasured memories.

They have sold these books in America, but I don’t think they get the “push” of books like The Very Hungry Caterpillar and so on.  Nobody really knows anything about them abroad (I think.)

They are wonderful and simple little books.  Looooooove them!

I’ll talk a bit about when my son was first learning to speak.   He first started speaking at around twelve months.  He was crawling up the stairs saying “Uh Uh Uh” and down the stairs saying “Dow Dow Dow”.  I wonder now if it is was all in my imagination.  It seems so long ago.

After that was a blur.  He was a very active baby and toddler and preschooler, choosing to move more than sit still and contemplate.  He started speaking English first, and he mostly learned Japanese at preschool.  His daddy spoke English mostly.

We went to America when he was little, and he still was not saying, “Yes.” (But he had “No” down.  Of course.)  We watched a video of my niece at the same age.  Her talking was so much better than my son’s.  “Yes, I want the apple!”  I felt so bad because my little one could not even say yes.

One technique I used frequently is that I would have him repeat me.  I’ll still sometimes do this.  (Although he is less likely to put up with me now! LOL)  I’d just say in English, “Give me the truck.” And he would say in his little baby voice “Gi me de twu.”

Memories.  Ahh…….

Where was I? Oh yes.

I fretted a lot when he was little, a lot more than I do now.  I worried whether he could actually learn two languages.  Well, he did.  It’s a work in progress, and we are enjoying the ride!