I have been studying Reading Comprehension (Kanzen Master, N2).  I highlight the word when I can’t read its kanji.  Now I’m going back and reviewing the words that I have highlighted.  Plus, I am writing them into a kanji practice notebook to help my memory.  (Although I am not bothering with memorizing how to write them.)

When I went shopping for the kanji practice notebook, these are what I found:


Yokai Watch


Various animals





I was surprised there wasn’t a “Frozen” kanji notebook.  That is pretty popular here recently.


I chose Yokai Watch.  I like the ghosties.


The above textbook is my N2 Reading Comprehension.  I highlighted the kanji I don’t know and wrote them in the notebook, along with the furigana.

Okay, so that’s how I’ve been doing it!  Japanese vocabulary and kanji can be very difficult to remember, so I’m trying to imprint it into my brain.

I’d like to make a recommendation to the folks at Kanzen Master if they are reading this blog.  How about some cute illustrations in the book?  Honestly, that’s why I am more of a Somatome girl than a Kanzen Master girl.  Somatome has cute illustrations.  Kanzen Master is boooooooooooooooring.  Hey, maybe I should draw my own cute illustrations in the book-instead of actually studying.