I was out taking my morning walk and a homeless man came shuffling along. He smelled really bad and had grime on his clothing. Anyway, he gasped, pointed at me, and said, “Gaijin!” So I gasped, pointed at him, and said, “Hygeine!” 😉

I was walking with my friend Akiko. A white man came along, and pointed at us and said, “Gaijin!”

I said, “You’re a foreigner, too! Why are you calling me foreigner?”

He said, “Foreigner? It means Foreigner? I thought it meant Totally Sexy!”

“Oh, in that case, thank you.” I replied.

And besides,” he said, “I wasn’t talking to you. I was talking to your cute friend.” 😉

My son came home and said, “Tomorrow is Diversity Day at school.  The teacher wants Daisuke’s mom to come in and talk about being a foreigner in Japan.”

“But Daisuke’s mom is from Tokyo!” I said.  “I’m from another country!”

“That’s okay, mom,” he said.  “She’s coming in to talk about you.” 😉

What did the driver of the ultra-conservative right wing truck say when he saw a foreigner in his path?  “Van, Gogh!” 😉

Q. How many foreigners does it take to change a light bulb?

A.  Light bulbs are different in Japan, so it is better to let a Japanese person handle the job. 😉

At an American university, two foreign exchange students were discussing their countries.  The Japanese student said, “In Japan, we have four seasons.”

“You have four daschunds?” said the other student.  “That’s amazing!”

“No, four seasons.  We have four seasons.”

“Four vegans? That’s truly something!”

“No, SEASONS!  We have four seasons!”

“Four virgins!” the other student gasped.   “Incredible!”

“I SAID FOUR SEASONS!”  The Japanese student was frustrated.

“Four seasons?”  said the other student. “Wow, that’s the strangest thing yet!  I can’t hardly believe that!”

“Why can’t you believe it?”

“Because in my country, we have fifty-seven seasons.” 😉



You may be wondering at my sudden burst of humor on this normally quite serious blog.  I have been reading Louis Sachar’s “Dogs Don’t Tell Jokes” (sequel to “Someday Angelina”) and I must say it inspired me. I think possibly Louis Sachar is my favorite children/YA author.  My son loves him, too.  It seems like each one of his books is better than the next.