Hoppeta ga ochiru! ほっぺたが落ちる~~A Japanese idiom that literally is “My cheek is dropping!” It means “Succulent! Food fit for a king!”  (I think that quite often “hoppeta” is shortened to the more childish “hoppe”  therefore:  hoppe ga ochiru hodo oishii desu.)





nekojita 猫舌 (literal–Cat’s tongue)  It means that you can’t eat or drink eat things, your tongue is sensitive to the heat.












“I want me some of that!”

mimi ga itai 耳が痛い (Literally–my ear hurts) When people are saying something you don’t want to hear.

Yes, Kodansha’s Dictionary of Basic Japanese Idioms…We’re talking about you!

mimi ga itai 耳が痛い

Our library has this book.
I have been reading it and trying some of the idioms out.  My husband said, “A lot of those idioms are not used!”  So I took it to Japanese class for my sensei’s opinion.  She agreed with my husband.  Some of them were idioms that she had never even heard.

So I have stopped studying this book.  I sort of enjoyed it, because the explanations were written in English and I could lean back and just enjoy myself.  A very gentle sort of studying.  But if I’m learning expressions that are antiquated,  then it’s not worth my time.


(By the way, we watched the 2015 CrayonShinchan movie last weekenend.  The one where the family heads to Mexico.  Anyway, at the beginning of the movie there is a joke based on one of the idioms in this post!  Shinosuke takes a bite of cactus and says, “My butt is falling!”  And the mom scolds him, saying, “Not your butt!  Your cheek!”  Because the idiom is My cheek is falling=delectable.  I was really pleased to catch this!)