It seems like a lot of cities have mascots now.  I don’t remember this in the nineties, when I first arrived in Japan.  I wonder if it is a new thing.

This is Momorin, the very uncharismatic mascot of Fukushima City. He has no personality, but we luvs him anyway.


I bought a Momorin doll.  I have big plans for you, little buddy!


Momorin goods for sale.  I’d rather a big FUKUSHIMA!  on the items in English (or Romaji, to be exact. 🙂 If I buy souvenirs for Americans, they won’t know who the bunny is.  It doesn’t mean anything to them.


Momorin bags.  I think they do say Fukushima in small print.  I don’t think they are particularly attractive though. (Picky Picky)


Funashi!  He is Momorin’s more popular, more interesting, and better looking cousin.  He is energetic and funny, whereas Momorin silently lumbers around like Frankenstein.  (Sorry, Momorin!  I have to say it because it’s true!)