Can you read this sign?  It says “Christ is coming soon”  Christ (Kirisuto) is printed in yellow.

I came home and told my husband about this sign, but he couldn’t understand me.  I was saying “Kurisuto”

Christ=kiristo キリスト

Christmas=kurisumasu クリスマス

Be careful!  It’s obvious to us that “Christ” is in Christmas, but it’s not the same in Japanese.  I wonder if that is why some Japanese don’t realize that Christmas is Christ’s birth?

My husband overheard two young women:  “Did you know that Christmas is when Jesus was born?”  “Really?  What a coincidence!”  LOL


As far as the numbers of Christians in Japan, I can’t really say.  Japanese people seem quite close-lipped about religion.

It’s kind of nice, actually.  One gets tired of the noisy people in the news killing others who don’t believe the same thing.  Japanese people are quietly accepting of others as far as religion goes, generally.


This is the statue in front of my church.  The Catholic church experience is very different in Japan than in America, IMO.  Churchgoers in Japan are usually (always?) VERY religious.  Whereas in America, some of the people are VERY religious and other people go just because it’s the thing to do.

They are stricter in Japan as far as clothes goes.  Some women still wear a veil to mass.  Once we accidentally entered the church and my son was wearing his cap, and he got in trouble.  Immediately after he stepped in the door.  Japanese Catholic churches seem to be strict, in my experience.   😦

Masses in Japan are VERY long.  Most of the churchgoers are elderly.  Very few young people.  Catholicism in Japan seems less politicized than in America, where it is staunchly Republican.

What else?  I can’t say much because I don’t want to get too personal, so I’ll leave it at that.