Walking with my son.  We do this almost every day that there is no school.  I recommend it.  We can chat about things.  Although usually nothing too deep.

“How do you feel about–“


Feelings discussions are not allowed!


Fukushima City is the capitol city of Fukushima Prefecture.  This is is the Fukushima Prefecture goverment building.   It’s on the site of the old Fukushima Castle.


This sign tells a bit about the old castle.  I really don’t know about the history of this.


This says, “Utsukushima, Fukushima.”  It’s a slogan we sometimes see around here.  It popped up after the earthquake.

“Utsukushii” is the word for “Beautiful.”  So this slogan (I think) is basically “Beautiful Fukushima.”

I realize that the vast majority of you will never visit Fukushima.  So sit back and enjoy your virtual visit.

If the word “Fukushima” makes you freak out (although if you regularly read this blog, you’re probably past that), remember that it was a place of great beauty before the earthquake….and still is.