A few days ago, I showed a “Buddha Statue Photo Exhibit” and said I wanted to see more of Fukushima City’s Buddhas.  So I found a place on the map that was nearby and rode my bike there.  (About a twenty minute bike ride from the station.)


It’s a really nice and easy ride along a jogging path.


Fukushima is lovely in the spring!


I stopped at a certain point.  According to my map, there were Buddhist statues here up on the side of Shinobu Mountain.  Hmmmmm……..Nobody has told me about this before!   Off to explore.


Up….through a cemetary


Found some Buddhas….I don’t know how old these are.  However, they are not the big event.  Just an hors d’ouevre.  (Or um whatever.)


Wow, I’m in Japan.


Okay, I reached the top.  Not the top of the mountain, but the top of the path.


Another Buddha


Some sort of bell


You know…I’m glad this is in Japan.  If it was in America, there would be graffitti all over it!


Found them….The Famous and Old Buddha Statues.  They date to the Heian period (795 A.D. to 1185 A.D.)


I’m glad this in Japan…..if this was in Syria, it would get blown up with dynamite!


It’s like a museum outside.  Very peaceful and calm.  I was the only one there.  This is a definitely a well-kept secret treasure.


Who carved you?  Long long ago…..


Who gathered here to pray?  Long long ago (and still today)


Okay, that’s all, time to head down.


Gosh, it’s really steep.


Another path…this mountain is laced with them.


Dressed in their finest….later I came with my son, and a volunteer was sweeping and keeping everything looking nice.  (She told me she was a volunteer.)


Spring flowers


Okay, I’m at the bottom of the mountain.


At the foot of the stairs, there is this map of the area.  Of course, I notice it when I leave.

If you are interested in viewing Iwaya-Kannon Buddhist Statues, rent a bicycle (I think the bicycles might be free?) from the Fukushima City train station area and follow a map (eaily obtained from the tourism center at the train station.).  It’s really easy.

If you are wondering why my son is not present in the photos….well, I knew that I would want to go slowly and take photos.  Whereas he goes at a different pace than me and has no patience for photos.  So in the future, I’ll probably do more of this…go by myself.  Then later, take my son.

And honestly…….Let’s be honest here, shall we.  I am a tad bit obsessive compulsive with the photos.  So it’s nice just to have a some photo-free time with my son.  Just the two of us.  (And my husband, if he comes, too!)