This bag cost 300 yen at Flying Tiger. That’s okay cuz it is really cute.

I love my mom!  She is a neat, loving person and I want my son to love her, too!   Plus I want him to learn from her AND get English practice……Thus Operation “Question of the Day” was born.

I talk to my mom a lot, but my son (a tweenager) doesn’t really desire to talk to his MeeMaw.  So I force (encourage?) him to ask her a question of the day of his own choosing.  He is pretty good at thinking of questions.  However, what’s funny is that my husband has gotten in on the act and is always giving him suggestions, LOL!  It’s a family event!

There are “Sample questions to ask your grandma” on the internet, but they were not very useful.  There were a lot of FEELING questions:  “What makes you sad?”  My son doesn’t like those maudlin feelings questions.

So here are the questions and answers.  There was one question per day, for about the last two months. The other three grandparents are not as talkative and therefore don’t have as many questions.


Do you like pizza?  I like it okay.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?  I would give it to my kids and grandkids, and to the church and to charity.

Who is your favorite child?  If I had three dollars, I would love each dollar equally.

What do you eat for Easter?  (This was my husband’s questions.)  We have ham, but up north they have lamb.  I might make salmon for Grandpa because he likes salmon.

Do you need Wifi in your life? No, I don’t.  But I do when you come.  (So he can use it.)

Do you like spaghetti?  Yes, I like it with meat sauce.  And with garlic bread.

Do you like your house?  Yes, and I like the people in it.

What animal would you want to be?  A little fuzzy dog.

What’s your favorite kind of kind of cake?  White cake with a fruit filling and white frosting.

What was your major in college?  Elementary Education

Do you get tired of all these questions?  I like to answer the questions.

Have you ever gotten drunk?  No, I have never gotten drunk in my life.

Do you want to go to North Korea? No, thank you.

Where did you and Granddaddy go on your first date? To a high school championship football game.  We double dated with Aunt Mary and a guy named Louis.

When you were little, who was the president?  When I was born it was President Roosevelt, and when I was a little girl, it was President Truman, and then when I became eighteen became President Kennedy.

Do you have a friend in the Ku Klux Klan?  No, I don’t.  They don’t like anybody.  They don’t like Catholics.  They don’t like Blacks.  They don’t like Jews.  And I don’t even think they like Japanese people.  (My son then asked: Who do they like?  They like themselves.)

Do you want to go to to Tennessee?  No, I don’t particularly want to go to Tennessee.

What did you play when you were a little girl?  We used play like we were pioneers, and cowboys, and on a spaceship.  Did you fight?  Not much.  Except with our brother sometimes, but not real bad.

What did you help with when you were a girl?  We played a lot.  But when we were older, we would ride the bus downtown and pay the bills.  And we cleaned the house on weekends.

Have you ever gone to Italy?  No, I haven’t.

Do you have a computer?  Yes, I have a PC computer.  What do you do with it?  I look at pictures on Facebook.

Do you ever fight with Granddaddy?  No, we don’t fight.  We argue.

What did you do at school?  I studied, I learned new things, and I played on the playground with my friends.

Do you still have the Coleco Vision?  No, I think Granddaddy sold it.

What games did you play when you were little? I wasn’t good at jacks, and I wasn’t good at jump rope.  We liked to play pretend games like pioneers and make pretend camp fires.

Tell me about mom when she was little.  She was sweet.  She was creative.  She liked to write stories.  She was energetic….to the point of being hyper.

Tell me about Milo when he was little.  If I said your mom was active, Milo was much MORE active.  Oh, gosh yes. He was always very curious and asked a lot of questions.

Tell me about Beatrice when she was little.  She read a lot of books.

Tell me about Henry when he was little.  He liked Matchbox cars when he was little, and when he was older he liked computers and pinball machines.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?  I’m a dog person, but I like kitties, too.  I don’t like animals as much as Aunt Mary does.

If you could be a video game character, which would you be?  I would be Mario Brothers because they are cute and they’re Italian.  But Granddaddy is German.  German men are better than Italian men.



Do you like pizza?  I like it with anchovies.

If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? I would invest it and make two million dollars.

Who is your favorite child?  I like each of them best in turns.

What’s your favorite meal?  Great big angus steak, a baked potato with sour cream on it and green beans and glass of wine

Have you ever gotten drunk?  Yes.

Do you have a friend who is in the Ku Klux Klan?  No, I don’t.  Thank the Lord.

What did you play as a boy?  I fought with my brother Al and we would see who would win.

How did you punish mom when she was a girl?  I don’t remember, but I remember I punished Anna when she was bad at the grocery store by making her sit in the car with me.  She didn’t like that.  MY NOTE:  I remember how he punished me.  He SPANKED me.


If you had 100man yen, what would you buy?  I would travel.  In Japan.   I have already been to other countries.  Well, not China.  But China is dirty, so I don’t want to go there.

Have you ever gotten drunk?  Jiji has gotten drunk, but I haven’t gotten drunk that much.

How was the Showa Period different from Heisei Period? (Showa was when she was young. Heisei is the current time period.)  Young people’s way of thinking has changed.

Questions for my son from Grandma

What is your favorite meal?  hamburger sushi

What is your favorite ice cream?  soft serve ice cream

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A robot maker or a video game maker

How are you doing in school? Fine (Granddaddy’s question)

Do you like your teachers?  No, they’re boring.

Do you have a homeroom?  Yes, I do.  (My son did not know this word.  homeroom=gakkatsu 学活)